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It was Christmas 2005, a cold and windy time, with snow covering the Thuringian capital Erfurt – the city that now stands at the very heart of Germany. Perhaps it was the weather, or perhaps it was something more unpredictable that brought together a range of bands and other cultural pioneers in the medieval city where J.S. Bach’s parents were married in 1668. Whatever the reason, the Christmas of 2005 produced two major musical events.

The first was the appearance of ‘Wir Sind Penner’ – a very low-brow band (some have even described it as “trash”) that nevertheless became much beloved by the townsfolk. The second was ‘Feldwebel Pfeffer’s Einsame Harz Vier Band’ – the ultimate in pop kitsch, whose repertoire depended on reviving Beatles’ songs and giving them a ‘political’ twist: difficult when you are singing translations such as ‘Baby, du kannst mein auto fahren’, ‘Mit der hilfe meiner freunde’, ‘Sie flog hinein durchs WC fenster’, ‘Obladi oblada’, ‘Hey Jude’, and a remarkable rendition of Paul McCartney’s classic ‘Lass es gsii’.

Good or bad, these performances fascinated the people of Erfurt during a grim winter. So much so, that they wanted more.

Their reward arrived the following spring. But they were not simply going to be fed the same diet – because it was then that ‘The Osama Sisters’ were born, making their first appearance at a ‘Eurovision’ festival the band itself organised . With characteristic verve and energy, they took the people of Erfurt through a dynamic repertoire, with versions of favourites by artistes including Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Bob Marley, Gilbert Becaud, The Pogues, The Bangles, DJ Bobo, Rio Reiser, Europe, Alla Pugatschova, Albano & Romina Power, Jacques Brel, Bryan Adams, Tom Jones...and all of it rounded off with a foot-stomping rendition of The Who’s ‘Pinball Wizard’ in front of hundreds of ecstatic fans.

The popularity of The Osama Sisters has grown every year since that spring – so much so that it has since toured Europe each summer, each year developing a new concept. This summer – beginning in July 2009 – the band takes to the road on the ‘Myrkonia Fantasy Tour’. Its biggest tour to date, The Osama Sisters will play in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Switzerland and Italy. Building on its growing popularity, the band’s project this year is more ambitious than ever – bringing audiences its versions of classic Italian pop songs that have rarely if ever been given the exposure they deserve outside Italy. Against the backdrop of an elaborate stage show, the people of Western Europe will be treated to a feast of some of the silliest songs ever written.

But ever-mindful of the real world beyond pop, The Osama Sisters will this year be adopting a range of guises as they embark on the journey to Myrkonia...and will be coming to your town under the name ‘The O’ßama Sisters’, as a tribute to a hint of Irish ancestry, and not a little concern for the dreams of Myrkonia – the place where everything that is beautiful and funny started, and where anything can be achieved!


Dollhouse sind:

Paolo Fusi (Gitarre, Gesang)
Barbara Dorfmann (Gesang)
Eric Kießling (Schlagzeug)
Leonardo Marcucci (Bass)
Frank Schlebeck (Bass)
Michelangelo Biagiotti (Keys)
Marco Cuzzovaglia (Percussion)
Emanuele Cannatella (Sax)
Thomas Wormuth (Trompete)
Paolo Acqaviva (Posaune)
Frank Kießling (Gitarre).
Christoph Hielscher (Gitarre)

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